Saturday, March 29, 2008

Too sleepy for a bedtime story?

Bedtime for Sleepy Lotus
Originally uploaded by littlemiao

Baby Lotus is never too sleepy for a bedtime story... zzzzz...


scb said...

I could use a bedtime story right about now. And a floofy Lotus to read it to me. Prrrrt?

(Why do I get the feeling that Lotus's bedtime stories would have BatCats and bugs in them????)

little miao said...

You've inspired me to begin writing Lotus's favorite bedtime story. As you might have guessed, it begins something like: "Once upon a time, there was a mighty Batcat with paws of silver and claws of steel. He was greatly feared by all manner of crunchy, slithery, slimy, and gooey creepy-crawlies..."

I've not gotten much farther than that... Lotus's purrs will have to lull you to sleep instead.