Saturday, March 22, 2008

My Caturday Surprise

The Miao Brothers very own Laugh-Out-Loud Cats book
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I received a book in the mail today. An autographed book of my favorite comics in the whole wide world, for my Miao Brothers. They'll get to read it (and pose for pictures with it) when I go home in April.

I took a long walk in the snow this morning. I love the springtime snow showers when the temperature isn't bitterly freezing and the birds are chirping about. It makes driving inconvenient, I'll admit. I walked to the closer grocery store (at times I felt I should have brought snowshoes along) to get a few things I wanted, since I'm running low on supplies. Well, mainly I went for frozen strawberries, green tea, and whole wheat bread.

I'm still reading Washington Square. I didn't make much progress yesterday. If I get enough studying done today, I'll reward myself with a nice reading time this evening. It's almost noon, and because of my walk this morning (and maybe a little voxing), I haven't opened my textbooks yet.

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