Monday, April 13, 2009

Glareful Prince Tantra punishes the unworthy

Glareful Tantra, originally uploaded by littlemiao.

Because it was ever so much more important to finish reading Sandman Vol. 4 than to study for one of the four exams I have coming up in the next three days.

My Miao Brothers are ever so disappointed in me.

(Actually, I expect that with the exception of the stern Prof Tash, they don't really care how much or little I study because it won't bring me home any sooner. Alas.)


scb said...

I think that what the Prince(and the others) heartily disapprove of is ziplining, actually. They'd rather you were planning to spend your time zipmiaoing. ;-)

That is quite a picture of Tantra. I'm expecting him to hiss at me any moment. Was he looking at Lotus, by any chance?

little miao said...

Heehee! It looks like Lotus must have been around, because that is an especially glare-some Tantra.

At least I'll have a week or so with the Bros before school starts again. I need to restock on Miao Photos. Er, I mean, Miao Cuddles.