Sunday, March 1, 2009

Reading goals for 2009

We're already two months into 2009, but I don't suppose it's ever too late to make reading goals, just like it's never too early or too late to procrastinate studying, which is exactly what I'm doing now (procrastinating, not studying).
  1. Borrow more from the library, buy less (I'm already doing well on this one)
  2. Read 60+ books this year (including short children's books and picture books, so it's not really such an impressive number. Last year, I managed approx. 50 books even though I hardly read for 3 months).
  3. Read more non-fiction than last year (last year I only read 3 or 4 non-fiction books, not counting parts of books for academic research. This year, I'm aiming for 10-12 - there are just so many things I want to read that I never get around to).
  4. Read more poetry
  5. Finish books I began last year and/or have been meaning to read for a while (most of these I began but got distracted in the middle):
  • The Placebo Effect, ed. Anne Harrington
  • Foucault's Pendulum by Umberto Eco
  • Zhuangzi
  • King Arthur by Norma L. Goodrich
  • The House of Thirty Cats
  • The final Harry Potter book
  • Finish the Dark Is Rising series (2 to go, I think)
  • Dickens' Christmas Carol
  • Genealogies of Religion by Talal Asad
  • The Open - Agamben
  • How to write
  • The Question of Hu

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