Sunday, February 22, 2009

Needs Focus

Lotus, originally uploaded by littlemiao.

Five books on the go at once is too much for me. Maybe one fiction and one non-fiction at once would be sustainable. Otherwise, it is a symptom of my pathological inability to focus.

At least, of the five books I am currently reading, three are short-story type things: The Complete Saki, Young Men in Spats, and the Sandman Vol. 1.

It began with How the Other Half Lives, a very unpleasant book for more reason than one. I started avoiding the book, and in the process began four others. Now not only can't I focus on reading, I can't focus on my studies or even on cleaning my apartment.

Lotus Batcat tells me that a catnap is a sure cure for inability to focus.

I'm pretty sure I can finish my current Nero Wolfe mystery today, which will give me a sense of accomplishment even if I can't get anything else done. =P

Now I've got to get ready in 9 minutes or else be late for an appointment.

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