Thursday, February 21, 2008

Over My Dead Body - Nero Wolfe

I'm two books behind behind in my 50 in 365 posts. On 15 Feb, I finished my second Nero Wolfe mystery of the year. Papa Miao recently sent me a box of goodies (i.e., books), and I was in the mood for more Nero Wolfe, so I chose Over My Dead Body (published in 1939). It was a great read - I can always rely on Archie Goodwin to tell an entertaining detective story. This one featured Nero Wolfe's(adopted) daughter from Montenegro, international intrigue, fencing, and, of course, murder.

Prince Tantra found a new favorite word to describe Lotus Batcat - "bughouse". Lotus likes (to eat) buggies, so he doesn't mind.

I have three other Nero Wolfe mysteries to read before I have to beg Papa Miao to send me more. But he also sent me several other books, including The Amber Spyglass, which I am currently reading.

Over My Dead Body

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